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Adlerbiblio is a unique project created by Dr. Harold Mosak with a purpose of helping Adlerian students, scholars, and practitioners to gain  broader exposure to and use of Adlerian literature. The project was completed at Adler University and with a lot of help provided by Dr. Mosak's students. In 2020, to ease an access to Adlerbiblio database and to simplify search, the entire content of Adlerbiblio was transferred to www.adlerpedia.org - a common database for "all things Adlerian". Adler University Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship (CAPS) has all the rights and responsibilities for Adlerbiblio database. With questions and comments, please e-mail CAPS Director Dr. Bluvshtein at mbluvshtein@adler.edu

Harold Mosak

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Title Authors Year Source Document Type Subject Terms
A comparative analysis of the Early Recollection technique and the Thematic Apperception test Hagen, Susan D. 1995 Dissertation Early Recollection techniquem Thematic Apperception test
A comparative developmental study of object sorting Welti, Don 1972 Dissertation
A comparative study of psychological factors in pulmonary tuberculosis Andreychuk, Theodore 1954 Dissertation psychological factors, pulmonary tuberculosis
A comparative study of public secondary school counselors’ role in a seven state region Edgar, Thomas E. 1965 Dissertation school counselors
A comparision of the use of direct and indirect phrasing in personality questionnaires Ellis, Albert 1948 Dissertation phrasing in personality questionnaires
A comparison of IQ, educational attainment, and income level between first termers and recidivists Hirschorn, Steven 1966 Dissertation
A comparison of metacognitive monitoring skill among high IQ LD’s, low IQ LD’s, NA’s, and MMR’s in a federal correctional institution Berger, Roberta S. 1985 Dissertation metacognitive, IQ, LD, NA, MMR, federal correctional, institution
A comparison of performance on measures of recent memory in depressed inpatients with and without borderline personality disorder Cummings, Lynne B. 1997 Dissertation memory, depressed inpatients, borderline personality disorder
A comparison of socio-cultural characteristics and personality traits of cohabiting and legally married males and females Markowski, Edward Mel 1973 Dissertation cohabiting, married
A comparison of successful and unsuccessful bible college students with respect to selected personality factors Slayton, Wilfred George 1965 Dissertation bible college students, personality factors
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