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Adlerbiblio is a unique project created by Dr. Harold Mosak with a purpose of helping Adlerian students, scholars, and practitioners to gain  broader exposure to and use of Adlerian literature. The project was completed at Adler University and with a lot of help provided by Dr. Mosak's students. In 2020, to ease an access to Adlerbiblio database and to simplify search, the entire content of Adlerbiblio was transferred to www.adlerpedia.org - a common database for "all things Adlerian". Adler University Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship (CAPS) has all the rights and responsibilities for Adlerbiblio database. With questions and comments, please e-mail CAPS Director Dr. Bluvshtein at mbluvshtein@adler.edu

Harold Mosak

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Title Authors Year Source Document Type Subject Terms
A case for Adlerian Psychology: Theory, techniques and research evidence Kern, Roy, Matheny, Ken & Patterson, David 1978 Book adlerian psychology, research evidence, techniques, theory
A case study of Southern Illinois University president’s commision to study the role of the university in society Evans, Thomas Dean 1968 Dissertation role of the university
Achieving competence and fulfillment Nikelly, Arthur G. 1977 Book
Achieving self--actualization Ellis, Albert 1991 Book
Achieving self--actualization Mazzone, Marinella & Cattaneo, M. 1991 Book
A child’s guide to parent rearing Mosak, Harold H. 1980 Book child, parent
Achi Yotam: A memorial booklet Linden, George W., McAbee, Norma Lou, Ferguson, Eva D. & Nash, Edna (Eds.) 1995 Book achi yotam, memorial
A ciencia de natureza humana [Understanding human nature] Adler, Alfred 1945 Book human nature
A ciencia de viver [The science of living] Adler, Alfred 1943,1956 Book living
A comparative analysis of selected personality traits, as exemplified by the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF), as predictors of effectiveness in job search by unemployed health care executives Rooney, Miceal C. 1996 Dissertation personality traits, Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF), unemployed health care executives
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