The most important Adlerian concepts

I wrote about three years ago a biography of Alfred Adler. At the end of the text I inserted a glossary of the most important Adlerian terms, for me. I wanted to share it and discuss it with you. Yours sincerly. GLOSSARY OF ESSENTIAL ALDLERIAN PSYCHOLOGY: A Letter From the book "Alfred Adler and psychoanalysis schism" (Besa editions, 2014) A: LOVE: Friendship and Labor, are the three vital tasks that each individual should solve productively to create a harmonious adaption in society. Love, of course, is the Objektliebe (object love), addressed to other people or the outside world and not for themselves. ART: for Adlerian psychology, analytical work is primarily artistic enterprise and the analyst is an artist who makes use, to understand the maladaptive behavior of a person, his intuition and his ability to read between the lines, so as you do with a poetic work. In fact, even the manner in which the individual faces the problem of their existence, is considered by Adlerians an intricate creative work. ASPIRATION TO THE SUPERIORITY : the dynamic processes of psychic life tend to lead the individual from "minus to plus" set by its goals, proceeding in harmony with its social Feeling. It should be distinguished from Will to power (see) that pursues goals of domain and power.