Stories about Dr. Dreikurs

Does anyone have interesting stories about Dr. Dreikurs?
I heard that when Dr. D. first came to Chicago, he wanted to build a relationship with local parents at Hull House. He went every week to the meeting place and sat there and no one came. I heard that he sat almost a year before he gained the trust and credibility of the local residents. Dr. D. in the end did some amazing open forum family counseling work that was completely accepted within the African American community. What principles of Individual Psychology do you think contributed to this acceptance?
In "The Courage to Be Imperfect" by Pew has a great story about Dr. Dreikurs. He was in Minneapolis giving a public counselling session which he did frequently. Apparently it did not go well at all. That evening he gave a talk where he coined the phrase "the courage to be imperfect." It was about having the courage to try to help and accept that you are not perfect. I found that very, very encouraging as a parent and a management consultant. I never met him personally but heard many amazing stories.
I read the speech in the book. I originally read it in a manual for training counselors in open forum family counseling at the Family Education Center of Greater Washington. It definitely is a classic. The co-author of the book, Janet Terner, has shared with me that she intends to put a copy of the book on Adlerpedia. I am not sure of the timeline for this but this will certainly give broader exposure to this important work.