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Join or start a discussion about Adlerian topics. Use the discussion area to gain a better understanding of an Adlerian concept, to engage with others in your practice area, to discuss the influence Adler has on Psychology and the world, and to share experiences or get to know people associated with Adlerian Psychology. We encourage professors to use these discussion boards in their classrooms. The discussion possibilities are endless so feel free to join or start a discussion so we can all learn from one another.

Concepts Discussion

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Individual Psychology/Adlerian Psychology
Last Post: An Open Dialogue on Topics in Adler's Individual Psychology by Marina Bluvshtein
1 1 5
Fictional Goal/Guiding Fiction/Fictional Finalism
Last Post: Subjective Final Goal/Guiding Self Ideal by bluedelphi
1 3 7
Private Logic/Private Meaning/Private Sense vs. Common Sense
Last Post: Questions on Theory by sslavik
1 17 19
Early Recollections
Last Post: Reasons for the feeling by jaycolker
1 4 11
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Practice Areas Discussion

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Ask Alfred
Last Post: Purpose of Art & Expressive Therapies in Adlerian Training Programs by dspaeth
6 14 14
Individual Therapy
Last Post: Grief from an Adlerian perspective by drmikebda
1 1 0
Last Post: The most important Adlerian concepts by giacomo
1 1 1
Practice Areas
Last Post: Research Areas of Focus by Admin
1 1 4
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Influences Discussion

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Influences/Neo-Adlerian Approaches
Last Post: Suggesting overview text and adding categories by jaycolker
1 1 3
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People Discussion

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Last Post: People to Add by sparkles
1 4 13
Richard Watts
Last Post: Question regarding Adlerian Principles in schools by AWisniewski
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Rudolf Dreikurs
Last Post: Stories about Dr. Dreikurs by jaycolker
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